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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul

Hair transplant in Istanbul is really popular. A lot of people from the other countries choose to get hair transplant in Turkey. There are so many best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. Prices are more affordable in Turkey for hair transplantation. Istanbul is a popular city around the world, so best hospital in Turkey is always located in Turkey. It is possible find the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul.

Since there are many visitors for hair transplantation, it is important to get an appointment. And patients who want to get hair transplantation should research the clinics they are interested in. It is possible to get information from the doctors and the secretaries. Make sure to ask every question you have in your mind before deciding for a clinic and a surgeon.

Why Is Hair Transplant Cheap in Turkey?

Turkey is quite cheaper when it comes to surgical procedures. Not just for hair transplantation but for any plastic surgery, people choose to come to Turkey. Istanbul is a great place for many successful doctors. Because of the economic reasons, prices are really cheap when it is in a foreign person’s view.

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And since surgery in Turkey is the most active area that helps to uplift the economy of Turkey, Turkey is making important improvements in surgical field. So many people choose to stick to best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. It is possible find other great clinic for hair transplantation in other cities of Turkey but Istanbul provides more opportunities when it comes to hair transplantation.

When Will I Recover After Hair Transplant?

Everyone has a different time period when it comes to recovering. Even different hair transplantation techniques can give different times for the fully recovery. Most people recover after 3-4 months. Best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul even says that it is needed at least 4 months to feel fully recovered.

After the scars and the stiches in the scalps heal, patients need more time for their newly transplanted hair to grow fully. Hair transplantation needs a lot of effort and patience for patients and also for surgeons too. Sometimes patients can feel limited due to what they can’t do after the hair transplant surgery but the outcome of waiting and limiting is totally worth it.

What Are Hair Transplantation Techniques?

There are 4 hair transplant techniques that are being used in Turkey. However, FUE is the most popular one in the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. Four hair transplant techniques are: FUE, FUT, DHI and DHI Plus Gold Technique. These techniques can be used as mixed but also only one technique can be used too. It is the decision of a surgeon. FUT is an old technique and is not really popular nowadays.

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The reason is, FUT leaves bigger scars. In FUT, they cut a strip of the skin while other techniques such as FUE, DHI removes the hair follicles individually. FUE is the popular technique and it is possible to find in any best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. Most clinics use FUE due to its pros. In FUE, they remove the hair follicles one by one from the donor area. With this way, it creates a more natural look when the removed hair follicles are implanted. Recovery for FUE is way faster than FUT.

DHI is the most recent hair transplant technique that are being used in best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. With DHI technique, there are less scars and less cuts. It creates a small time period for the surgical process.

When Will I See the Results?

To see the full results, at least 10 months are needed. Every hair grows in different times with different factors, so this time period can change for everyone. To have a faster and healthier growing hair, patients should be careful after the surgical procedure. They have to be careful of their daily routines.

Most best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul promises 10-12 months to see the full results after a hair transplant. So, at least 10 month is needed for an average person to grow their hair to grow fully. It is quite important to be patient. People shouldn’t get impatient and try to use any product to make their hair grow faster. Using a wrong, harmful product can damage the hair and have really bad consequences.

Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Hair transplantation is not painful due to the local anesthesia. Some surgeon also gives their patient to general anesthesia to make them more comfortable. During the hair transplant surgery, patients don’t feel anything even if they are given local anesthesia. After the local anesthesia starts to lose its effect, surgeons give their patients to medication for their pain and for other factors too.

Patients are also allowed to take pain killers under the supervision of a surgeon. Some people might feel uncomfortable due to their movement limits. Feeling itchiness on the scalp can be also an issue for some patients too. It is important not to try to scratch the hair or the scalp even if the feeling itchiness might annoy the patient. If patients don’t comply with the warnings, they can create scars and injuries on their scalp which can be quite painful.

What Should I Do After Hair Transplantation?

After a hair transplant, people should avoid any hard work and any exercises. It is important for the patient’s body to rest. Any stressful work might affect the hair transplant process. Most best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul discharges the patient after their hair transplant session.

The patient has a bandage over their head, so the head area is covered. Surgeon give information about whatever the patient should and shouldn’t do. They also give their patient medications to take. Things like driving, drinking and smoking aren’t allowed, so patients should follow the rules their surgeon gave to them. Best Transplant clinic in Istanbul has a lot of alternatives.

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