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Beard Transplant Turkey, Beard has aesthetic value for men in many societies. Deficiencies in the beard area can have many reasons. The most important of these are congenital causes, burning, and trauma. The lack of a beard can negatively affect people in terms of aesthetic anxiety and can cause a person’s self – confidence to break. For this reason, many people have beard transplant. One of the preferred countries for beard transplant is popular in Turkey. In beard transplant, the most modern DHI technique is used to take hair follicles and transfer them to appropriate areas. With the DHI procedure, follicle grafts are taken from the back or sides of the scalp, similar to traditional hair transplant procedures. Then, the hair grafts taken are transferred to the beard areas where the hair density is low on the upper lip and cheek area. 

How Beard Transplant in Turkey?

  • DHI method is generally used as a beard transplant method.
  • Beard transplantation is started by taking the grafts from the donor area and kept in special solutions to prevent hair follicles from dying.
  • For beard transplantation, it is based on the wish of the person on average and usually between 1000-3000 follicles is transplanted. In general, the number of grafts is sufficient for this beard transplant. In insufficient cases, an extra transplant can be done.
  • After the first wash, the beard look starts to look much more natural as the clots will go away.
  • The number of hair follicles to be transplanted; is determined according to the wishes of the person and the thinness of the mustache. Since a much stronger beard and mustache appearance is desired by frequent transplanting, it can be arranged according to requests.

Patients are discharged after the beard transplant procedure in Turkey. After the application, within 1 to 3 days, the first wash is performed in the clinic where beard transplantation is performed. Until the first washing process, the patient must carefully protect the transplanted area. The reason for this is that it takes a certain amount of time for the skin to fully combine with the transplanted roots after the transplantation process.

The patient should not contact and wash the beard area with water until the first wash. Apart from this, it should not be contacted with substances such as perfume and cologne. Also, the transplanted area should not be shaved until the time your doctor approves. After the transplantation process, although it varies from person to person, a process called shock spill is experienced.

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This process can occur between 30 and 90 days after transplantation and the transplanted hairs are shed. Shock loss is a common thing and should not be alarmed. Because only the transplanted hair is shed, the transplanted hair roots are still subcutaneous. With the right care and hygiene, the healing process becomes healthier. 

Beard Transplant Costs in Turkey

Beard transplant prices in Turkey vary according to the number of grafts transferred, the clinic where the transplantation is carried out, the skill and experience of the doctor performing the procedure. Also, it will be beneficial for the patient to focus on the health and the desired result by keeping the cost issue in the second place.

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